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Medical center «SUN INSTINCT»

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Medical center «SUN INSTINCT»

We always feel the need to: 


Human treatment, not disease (Avicenna)

We have developed new methods of integrated diagnosis and treatment, in addition revived a century of experience in the medical business of several generations of doctors for rehabilitation and follow-up.

Definition of the body mass index, blood pressure, heart rate, lung function, and others. The volume range of ultrasound and biomaterial tests. A complete study of somatic and psychosomatic factors. Mini concilium for each patient. Physical therapy, injection therapy seasonal vaccination of adults support in clinics and partner in medical tourism, organization of corporate health, etc.


Use of acquired knowledge in their use (Confucius)

Prevention of disease is a healthy lifestyle. Work and rest, proper nutrition, hygiene, peace of mind - it's a personal responsibility each.

But how to avoid Internet - amateurism? Take knowledge from a professional!

Therefore, awareness - is the primary duty of every member of our staff.

Formats of knowledge on health and quality of life - individual, group, publication and interactive, which presents the scientific and public formats.


The future belongs to preventive medicine (Nikolai Pirogov)

In the era of the stress, medical problem of the new format is reducing stress risk factors: environmental, aesthetic and psychological.

Our suggestions (propositions) at the moment
Services in integrated health improvement (photo)

 Specialized service (photo)

Services of integrated health improvement

Clinics program Care IT:

Prevention programs Be healthy:

Healthy Lifestyle Club:

Specialized service

Polyclinic expert consultation, during which you are getting:

Determination of anthropometric data


Consultation of  an expert doctor if necessary

Individual instrumental study

Laboratory testing (complete blood test, and if necessary - bacterial seeding)

Provide recommendations for the pharmacological treatment of the underlying disease, motional mode to made at home, therapeutic diet, lifestyle modifications.

Consultation related specialist in clinic - holding a mini-consilium (if necessary)

Assigning further study beyond the center (if necessary)

Individual support: treatment at the clinic partner (if necessary)

Patients receiving polyclinic expert consultation, are eligible for re-appointment for the control treatment with 20% discount during the month with additional payment of necessary laboratory tests.

Specialized service

And also we have services of daily prevention

Working hours:
Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 19:00
Saturday: 10:00 to 18:00
Sunday is a day off

057 782 20 02
099 961 20 02
063 284 20 02
097 306 20 02

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Medical center «SUN INSTINCT»