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YoYo color bar

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YoYo color bar

YoYo color bar is a place where you completely trust the master, his taste and experience.

The mission of YoYo is to create harmony of the internal and external. At the heart of the concept lies – dyeing hair in the absence of mirrors. You relax, listen to music, drink delicious coffee and wait for the result.

The main task of color bar is to achieve the desired result with minimal damage to the hair.

Menu YoYo color bar consists of cocktails for coloring hair on the basis of the most modern dyes and agents for maintaining color and shine of hair. 

For a dessert in YoYo color bar haircuts, styling, manicure, make-up and eyebrow correction are presented. We also appreciate your time and offer a cocktail of simultaneous services: staining and manicure, eyebrow coloring and correction, make-up and manicure.

«The experience and taste of our colorists is maximally open to your new images»

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YoYo color bar