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Secunda is retail chain of watch&clock shops with 20 years of experience. By now Secunda has about 40 point of sales throughout Ukraine. For the whole time being in the market Secunda has been highly estimated by all the customers and fans of refined and reliable watches and clocks from Switzerland, France, Germany and Japan. The presented watch models of well-known brands such as Balmain, Casio, Continental, Guess, Jacques Lemans, Michelle Renee, Pierre Lannier, Police, Q&Q, Royal London, Tissot carry away by diversity of design and functional possibilities.

Secunda shop in the shopping mall Ave Plaza has not only wrist watches but mantel, wall and grandfather clocks of Power brand and also barometers, thermometers of German brand Fischer.

Secunda helps to its customers with their intention to beauty and time control due to professional team of watch business. Goods from Secunda will give you not only decoration for your house but make your interior a perfected one or your personal image and it does not matter whether you prefer business, sport, casual or fashion style. Secunda – watch&clock for all.

Working time: from 10-00 to 20-00 (no days off, no lunch breaks)

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