Special offer «Sale 30%, 50%, 70%»!

Discounts up to 70% in the network of perfume and cosmetics stores BROCARD and BONJOUR. Special offer is valid for the following period: 1-30 of April 2017

Over 2 000 products take part in the special offer!

Special offer is not valid if paying with gift cards. Discounts from other offers and discount cards aren't summed up. Ask shop assistants for details about the special offer and a list of products participating in it.  Sale means 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% or 70% discounts for a specific list of products. The special offer is valid under condition of those goods available at the store.

Visit perfume and cosmetics stores BROCARD, BONJOUR and make a purchase with benefit!

Special offer «Sale 30%, 50%, 70%»!