BROCARD invites you to Italy

The place where Botticelli, Modigliani and Fellini found their inspiration. The birthplace of the Renaissance, which gifted the world with great creations, a country where it is not shameful to love pizza and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner - Italy. Would you like to travel to the historic heart of Italy - Rome? From April 1 to May 31, 2019, purchase promotional products of Italian brands at BROCARD stores, register on the website and participate in the raffle of tickets to Italy.

In order to participate in the «BROCARD invites you to Italy» offer, follow the rules:

  1. 1. Purchase two special offer items of Italian brands with an additional 10% discount to the discount card (except for goods with discounts and special prices)*.
  2. Get a card with + 10% for the next purchase, which can be used one time during the period between April 4 and June 30, 2019 for the purchase of any goods at BROCARD*.
  3. Get registered on the web page of the offer https://www.brocard.ua/italy2019 and get a chase to win one of three trips to Rome for two or one of ten sets from Italian brands.
  4. Learn the results of the draw on our web site www.brocard.ua or our pages in social networks facebook.com/brocard.ua, instagram.com/uabrocard on June 7, 2019 before 3 P.M.

*If you don't have a discount card, a 10% discount will be provided. The discount does not apply to Kiehl’s and М.А.С products, items with discounts and special prices, gift card purchases as well as purchases with the use of gift cards. Discounts will not be added up with other offers.

Official page of the offer:  https://www.brocard.ua/italy2019
Official rules of the offer: https://www.brocard.ua/italy2019_rules

BROCARD invites you to Italy