Results of the contest «Play, create and win with «Constructor»

On the 30 of January 2016  a final of the contest «Play, create and win with «Constructor» took place. The participants of the contest were:

Team number 1 -  I-III degree Kharkiv general education school  №91.

Team number 2 - I-III degree Kharkiv specialized school №156.

Team number 3 - I-III degree Kharkiv specialized school  №73.

Team number 4 - I-III degree Kharkiv general education school №51.

Team number 5 - Educational complex "Author Boyko school."

Team number 6 - I-III degree Kharkiv specialized school №62.

Team number 7 -  Kharkiv educational complex №45 «Academic Gymnasium."

Team number 8 - Kharkiv lyceum №161 «Impulse."

And here are the names of the 3 TEAMS that took prizes:

3 place - team number 4 - I-III degree Kharkiv general education school №51 with a total result in 331 points.

2 place - team number 1 -  I-III degree Kharkiv general education school  №91,which received only one point more - 332 points.

And our winners - team number 6 I-III degree Kharkiv specialized school №62, which received 342 points!

We thank all participants for their diligence and perseverance. Congratulations to our winners, and, of course, we're waiting for all of you to visit!

Play, create and win with "Constructor!"

We're glad to see you every day from 10:00 to 21:00 on the third floor of the shopping center "Ave Plaza."

Results of the contest «Play, create and win with «Constructor»