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The delivery service Roll Club for six years pleased Kharkiv citizens with quality and varied dishes, and continues to do so!

At the moment we have already opened our first restaurant in our city, and now, we are happy to invite you to visit our cafe format food-court-place, where you can enjoy long-loved dishes, and try new items: either at one of our tables right in the mall, or make an order with you.

The main credo of our institution it is quality, in confirmation of this the Roll Club team offers to try dishes from professional chefs, which will perfectly harmonize a variety of drinks from our menu. We use only the highest quality and fresh ingredients, professional European equipment, clean drinking water - all this gives us the opportunity to prepare the most delicious rolls, WOK, pasta and much more.

In our menu there are several national cuisines of the world: Japanese, Italian, Chinese and European, so we hope that we can please every guest's taste. The character of internationality displayed not only in the menu, but also in the elements of the corporate identity and the logo. The company's palette of colors used in the interior also dictated by the colors of the flags of countries whose cuisine represented in the institution.

We look forward to welcoming you every day from 10 am to 10 pm for a fragrant breakfast, a hearty lunch and a gourmet dinner, and we guarantee that our prices will please you only, and positive emotions from a visit to the Roll Club will make you come back again!

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Roll Club