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Passport Service trade name is officially registered by the state enterprise Document, and the enterprise itself successfully provides passport services for travel abroad since year 2004.

Efficient business procedures, and high service standards have been built in when establishing such centers. For client’s convenience, additional related services have been introduced: insurance for travel abroad, affixing apostille and its official translation, police clearance certificates, etc.).

Trained specialists assure highly efficient processing time. It takes on average about 20 minutes to process a passport for travel abroad, which includes the time to process a payment. Passport Service Center Kharkiv is equipped with modern devices, payment and POS-terminals (allowing payment by VISA/Maestro card), electronic applications, free Wi-Fi, comfortable furniture and even play area for children. A client receives SMS-message notifying him that his passport for travel abroad is ready, or independently check the status of his passport readiness on-line.

SE Document provides services to its clients on a paid basis with the price being lower than the price for similar services offered by many others: legal and consulting firms, tourist agencies and such. Clients enjoy all the benefits related to obtaining a passport for travel abroad in accordance with the current legislation.

68% of our clients have come to Passport Service by word of mouth recommendation, which serves as an excellent proof of ourservices being on the European quality level, and it is a pleasure to provide such service.

We are looking forward to issue your passport for travel abroad. Please come see us: 3 floor «AVE PLAZA» Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 18:00, Sat from 10:00 to 15:00

3 floor

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Passport Service