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The story of Sincera is a story that deserves to be told. The Italian brand is notable not only for its sophistication but also for a remarkable transformation – in a short time, a small project for designing jewelry collections has grown into a separate brand and won the hearts of European citizens from various countries.

Sincera entered the world of accessories from the beginning of cooperation of talented designers who have previously developed accessories for brands with a worldwide reputation. As a result, this joint experiment gave birth to a full-scale jewelry collection. A successful start has provided the impetus for a further development of Sincera brand which continues to these days. We are always scratching for new forms, colors, and trends.

The concept of Sin Cera existed in ancient times and could be interpreted as "without wax". Dishonest merchants would use wax in their works to hide the defects so that they could sell their goods at a higher price. However, some reputable masters put a Sin Cera (without wax) sign on their pottery thus showing the uniqueness and originality of their masterpiece. Since that time the phrase Sin Cera has become a set expression and till now it is an indicative of a real talent, authenticity and capability of an artist to create a masterpiece "without wax" (Sin Cera) Masters of Sincera brand also adhere to the actual principium. Their work is a true life demonstration that TM Sincera jewelry and accessories deserves to bear such a strong and binding name. All products carry the singularity and sincerity, emphasizing the personal touch and beauty.

The significance of Sincera lies in the exquisite taste of each product. However, the main distinctive character is love and soul put into the creation of our collections. Imagination, new ideas and creativity – all this reside in TM Sincera, which finds a place in the soul of every woman!



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