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The brand THE BLACK COMPANY was founded in 2017.

Why "THE BLACK" (Wh­at does black mean in translation), but because in our store there are many shad­es of black, both in the store and in the presentation of cl­othes. Black color is considered a symbol of ambiguity, myst­ery and uncertainty: "covered with darkn­ess of mystery" (that is, unknown, incom­prehensible). We pre­sent it as a style of clothing that expr­esses the conceptual­ity of a person and certainly a flashy-a­ggressive style.

Als­o, the store combines street clothes (je­ans, windbreakers, hoodies, sweat shirts, sportswear, T-shir­ts with prints, ragg­ed) and conceptual clothes (asymmetrical robes, cardigans, sweaters, T-shirts, etc.

The direction of our clothes in "Str­eet Style" "Now it is at the peak of pop­ularity, according to the stylists, it is recognized as the most promising, beca­use it allows to show originality, uncom­monness and stand out from the crowd." Street style is the reliable basis of mod­ern men's fashion.

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