Brand VAHOME was founded in Turkey in 2000. From the early days of the establishment VAHOME set a goal: providing quality products and services in its stores. During his 14 years VAHOME has become one of the fastest growing brands in Turkey, and has earned an excellent reputation in the field of home textiles, tableware and kitchen utensils.

The first brand store VAHOME in Ukraine was opened in Kharkiv in the shopping center «AVE PLAZA» at the end of 2014

The store brands such as SCHAFER, CLASY, BELINDA, ANTIK.

SCHAFER. This is one of the oldest and leading companies in the field of cookware in Turkey. «SCHAFER» is represented in 77 countries around the world. All products are made with the use of advanced production technology of high-quality materials. Crockery fully meets the most stringent international standards in the field of safety and ecology. All items are made of environmentally friendly products.

CLASY. Famous brand «CLASY» was founded 1993, and subsequently established himself as a leading brand of textiles in Turkey. Products  «CLASY»  always meets the highest standards of quality and design, and is a leader in the world of home textiles. «CLASY» is represented in more than 30 countries around the world. Product quality standards «CLASY» confirmed by numerous international certificates.

BELINDA. The brand was founded in 1997 «BELINDA» is a famous Turkish producer of bathrobes and towels for the house, which is characterized by high quality products and developments in the field of improvement of existing models of home textiles in favor of convenience and comfort. A wide range of line of gowns «BELINDA» the seasons (winter and summer models) designed (bathrobe after bathing, for bath and sauna) are formed on the basis of different composition and properties of the fabric: microfiber, velor, terry, bamboo, silk, jersey, jacquard.

ANTIK. Brand «ANTIK» was founded in 1972 for more than 40 years «ANTIK» has become one of the largest manufacturers of home textiles in Turkey. In the field of «ANTIK» includes components such as home textiles: blankets, pillows, bed linen, blankets, children's bedroom sets, etc.

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