ARTiSHOP exhibition-sale of hand-made products

We're inviting everyone who's in love with creative shopping to visit the biggest Kharkiv exhibition of hand-made products – ARTiSHOP in Ave Plaza! 

Here every girl will be overfilled with aesthetic enjoyment, find a gift for her man and for herself. Men can find unique gifts for their loved ones here and they will finally learn that shopping can be really enjoyable.

Besides the familiar designers you'll meet dozens of new young and famous artists from all over Ukraine, so there will be even more beautiful things!

- valentines

- decorations

- jewelry

- sweets: candy, chocolate, gingerbread, healthy sweets

- scarves, hats, mittens

- bow ties

- watches

- toys

- souvenirs

- decor

- postcards

- comics

- pottery

- notebooks and diaries

- sketchbooks

- covers for documents

- natural cosmetics

and much more!


WHEN: 11-14 of February, 11.00 – 21.00


WHERE: KSATOB, 10 Sumska Street 

ARTiSHOP exhibition-sale of hand-made products