Dedicated to the Knowledge Day...

August 31, beginning at 3 P.M.

The Era of discoveries is close of Eureka into every home!


Project partners:

ANDRE TAN – a store of stylish and exquisite branded clothing and accessories from the famous Ukrainian designer Andre Tan, who creates clothes for men, women and children. The main principle of the ANDRE TAN brand is to make stylish and comfortable designer clothes at an affordable price. The store employees are professional stylists and find an individual approach to the most demanding customers.

ANDRE TAN — clothes that bring good luck! Come and check it out yourself.

A new format for Kharkov is a family design store - Ave Plaza shopping center, 3rd floor.

Ranok Publishing House — the leader of the domestic market for educational, methodological literature and books for kids. Founded by Viktor Kruglov in 1997.

Ranok  is:


The Ranok School is a non-standard full-time school with its own training system, which includes STEM-education.

Ranok is the first school in Kharkiv with classes equipped with an interactive panel EdPro. The peculiarity of the school is that it combines modern equipment and a positive home atmosphere. Students of the Ranok school study robotics, Python and C ++ programming and financial literacy. English is taught using the Cambridge University Press textbooks, and at the end of the school year children pass the Cambridge exams and undergo summer language practice in the UK.


MCDONALDS restaurant is our most trusted friend and partner in our projects, that serves delicious food! We are sure that all young guests of our center think the same.


Bunny Studdy – Bunny Studdy is a club for development and studying foreign languages for adults and kind above 3 years old. Our teachers use a modern approach to studies, which is adapted to the needs of students. Bunny Studdy provides: interesting and interactive classes, a comfortable atmosphere, workshops, psychology lections and many other interesting events for you and your kids.

Visit us at: 12 Derevyanko Street, Kharkiv (23 Serpnya subway station). Phone number (096)  596 -27-99

Dedicated to the Knowledge Day...