Celebration for kids and their parents

When: 29.10.2017 at 18:00,  30.10.2017 at 18:30

Where: Fluid trattoria, AVE PLAZA SEC, 3 floor

Event program

1. Pumpkin decoration
Kids will decorate pumpkins using stickers and other office supplies (15-20 min)

2.  «Mummy»
Children will pair up and make mummies using toilet paper as fast as possible. Adults are welcome to join in (15-20 min)

3. Making ghosts
Children will make ghosts with cloth and rope. Later they will decorate them using markers and glitter (10-25 min)

4. «Ghost hunters» game
Kids will try to catch the previously made ghost with a «magical net» (15-20 min)

5. Tame the witch
Throwing rings on witch caps (10-15 min)

6.    Witch potion
Kids will participate in an interesting experiment, using stage props, yeast powder and сіtric acid (10-15 min).

Face paint and a photographer will be available at the celebration.
There will be a photo zone for bright and memorable photos.

Admission charged: UAH 350 from each little monster,
For previous registration, call:  067 577-02 42