Watershed meeting at «AVE PLAZA»?!

Try your fate on St. Valentine’s Day and find your soulmate!

Only on the 14th of February: Open «Meeting space» at the FLUID café-tratattoria (3rd floor).

!!!  Pre-registration through social networks is REQUIRED

On St. Valentine’s Day, the «AVE PLAZA» SEC will give you a chance to find your soulmate!

Take part in our "MEETING SPACE" and new acquaintances, pleasant time and sweet treats from «AVE PLAZA» are guaranteed!

Just send an application with the following text - «I want to participate in the «Meeting space», indicate your full name, phone number and attach your photo and send it to our moderator - aveplaza.lovestory@gmail.com

Ask the moderator for more details.

Success and love to you all!!!

❤ To all active participants of the «Meeting space»: prizes for the #AvePlazaLoveStory photo contest winners at the SEC’s social networks*

Only on 13th – 14th of February:

Special offer «GIFTS FOR LOVED ONES» for «AVE PLAZA» buyers

Work of a promo-zone with free festive packaging with mandatory presentation of a check from any store of the «AVE PLAZA» SEC (for the amount of UAH 300 and more, which are dated February 13-14, 2018). Gifts may be packaged on the first floor of the center, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (near the panoramic elevator).

«Remember how it all began at «AVE PLAZA?!...»

Watershed meeting at «AVE PLAZA»?!