Budynok igrashok


Budynok ihrashok is leader in the toy stores network in Ukraine.

We believe that adults do not exist, which is why we offer so many toys that you can find exactly the right one, both little kids, and not very little.

In more than 50 beautiful and pink stores we have been helping to choose the dreamy gift and for 20 years we have made our parents heroes for their children!

Budynok ihrashok values:

Only certified toys

We work only  with official suppliers and manufacturers who have certificates of authenticity for each toy range. Therefore, you can be sure that the toy we buy will be not only attractive outside and developing, but also safe.

Didn't find the answer to your question? The call center operator or shop assistant will advise and demonstrate the principle of the toy.

Budynok ihrashok is not just a shop, it is a reputable company that works for the smiles of children.


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Budynok igrashok