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The jewelry net AURUM represents the producers of jewelry in Ukraine in retail in the broadest way.

Production of more than 60 bes enterprises is represented in AURUM shops. All adornments are varied and modern. The adornments of every producer have their own face and character because they are created by different designers and artists.

There are dozens of thousands of kinds of adornments and souvenirs. We have more than 10 000 ear-rings and more than 10 000 rings in our assortment… and that`s not all.

Renovation of assortment is over 30%.

The diversity of jewelry beauty – it`s the philosophy and main advantage of AURUM net.

In AURUM shops you can always find something peculiar and individual for yourself.

The loyal and supple pricing policy makes the beauty of jewelry available to everyone.

In our shops you can choose the jewelry gifts starting from 200 hryvnia’s.

All the best is for you, our dear buyers!

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