1 of September

Knowledge Day (September 1) is the time when all school-age children return from their holidays and start studying. Many children are sad that carefree summer has come to an end and it's time to absorb knowledge.

Our idea is to make this day joyous and cultivate love for school and study in children.

As you know, the most popular and favorite school for many children was Hogwarts. The place where Harry Potter, whom everyone loves, received knowledge. We will assign the mission to cultivate a craving for knowledge, books and school subjects in children to this hero.

We will also tell about the writer J.K. Rowling herself as well as the benefits of books in general.

Host of the celebration – Harry Potter.

Hermione will be helping Harry Potter, since she’s an excellent student, who always thoroughly studies the school material and prepares for all subjects.

The program starts at 14:00

As part of the program, we have prepared for you:

 And... a magic laboratory of Professor Horace Slughorn!

The Magic Laboratory is a science show, in which the professor, along with the children, will create many magical liquids, learn how to freeze objects and make a nitrogen explosion!

Creative master classes (master classes will be held at the «TOY HOUSE» store on the 2nd floor):

Master-class "Wise Paper Owl" (16:00 - 17:30)

With the help of cardboard and paper, we offer to teach children how to make decorative owls. An owl is a symbol of wisdom. Also, an owl is a symbol of the book about Harry Potter.

Master class "Weaving from paper vines"  (14:00 - 16:00)

With the help of paper vines, you can create many useful things for studies, home and decor. We will teach kids to weave bookmarks, cup holders and decor elements for home. Such a master class develops children's thinking and fine motor skills.

Magic photo zone

To create the necessary holiday atmosphere, we will install a photo zone in the form of the 93/4 platform. It’s a wall through which children can pass and fall into a wonderful land of knowledge and magic. Also, a photographer will work near the photo zone. Everyone can make memorable photos.

Contest "The book written by us"

As you know, there’s nothing as valuable as a manuscript! Manuscripts do not burn. For the contest, a large roll of paper and pens will be placed on the table. Participants of the contest will be asked to write a mini-story on a roll of paper, sign it with their name and leave the contact information. Thus, on the holiday, we will create a large collective book, which will be stored in the "Ave Plaza" shopping center.

And the winner of the competition will receive the "Harry Potter" book as a gift!




1 of September <br>MAGICAL DOORS OPEN DAY at the HOGWARTS School of Magic