New Year gifts from KSD AURUM

Are you choosing what valuable and impressive gift to get  for New Year for your dearest people? Then come to KSD AURUM stores, because with us you will find unsurpassed gifts for everyone, as well as a special gift from our network.

Give jewelry to loved ones and get a mascot of 2019 as a gift - a charming silver pig, which is a symbol of prosperity, productivity and good luck. You can present this cute silver jewelry to your close ones or keep it so that throughout the coming year it will bring you great luck, financial abundance and well-being in all spheres, as well as undoubtedly aroused affection for everyone around you.

Get refined jewelry in the amount of UAH 2,000 from 14.12.18 to 01.01.19 and get a silver pendant in the form of a symbol of 2019 as a gift from the KSD AURUM network.

According to the Chinese calendar, the symbol of 2019 will be a yellow earth pig. In eastern culture, this cheerful talisman symbolizes fertility, hospitality, luck and prosperity. By tradition, figures with this image will help attract the favor of the symbol of the year. That is why every year there are toys, statues, jewelry and other objects with the image of animals in our homes , which will dominate in the coming year.

Buy gifts for relatives in the KSD AURUM network, get a gift in the form of a symbol of the coming year and let all your wishes come true!

We are waiting for you at the KSD AURUM store at the Ave Plaza shopping center on the 1st floor.

For more details, visit our web site: aurum.in.ua

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New Year gifts from KSD AURUM