New Year 2020 at AURUM

December is the most marvelous month of the year. The time of magic, honesty and good... The time when deep within we feel like we're kids a little bit and wait for miracles... As you know, wonders happen to those who truly believe in them.

Light this New Year with shining diamonds and love! AURUM jewelry company presents a festive mood and a 20% discount for jewelry with diamonds.

Also, you can choose stylish pieces of jewelry at the AURUM store and get a magical talisman of the coming 2020 year as a GIFT.

Believe in New Year magic just like when you were a kid. A lovely silver piece will bring you luck, good fortune and financial prosperity in the coming year. Let a tender pendant with a hero known since childhood remind you that all true dreams come true, especially on a New Year night. Attract luck and good fortune in 2020 — get a precious talisman for yourself and your close ones.

Special offer is valid at all AURUM stores from December 20 till January 1.

For more details follow the link http://aurum.in.ua/

New Year 2020 at AURUM